Individual Life & Long Term Care

Specializing In Key Man, Business Continuity and Buy-Sell Coverage for Business Owners

The Crichton Group can provide a wide range of products to protect the overall well-being and financial security of business owners and families. We have the important combination of experience, expertise and market access to provide customized solutions to clients and prospective clients.

We specialize in providing life insurance products to business owners including key man, business continuity and buy-sell insurance coverage.These important coverages are a cornerstone of ensuring the smooth transition and perpetuation of your business and should be part of any solid business succession or perpetuation plan.

We also have many years of experience providing products and services to families ranging from individuals and couples just starting out in life to more mature families who may have more complex needs. No matter where you are in the family life cycle, we have the products that can be customized to fit you or your family.

We represent the leading life and long-term care insurers in America. We only represent those companies with a long history of strong financial performance and prudent management who share our comittment of providing exceptional customer service. A sample of the individual products we offer includes:

  Products Offered

  • Key Man Life
  • Business Continuity Coverage
  • Buy-Sell Coverage
  • Whole Life
  • Term Life
  • Anuities
  • Universal Life
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Care

The Life Insurance Challenge 

For a significant number of Americans, being underinsured is a substantial challenge when it comes to individual life insurance. Consider these recent statistics about life insurance trends in America today:

  • Fifteen percent of husbands and 28 percent of wives have no life insurance.
  • The percentage of married parents that believe their current life insurance protection is inadequate is 56 percent.
  • 6 million households (ten percent of families with children under 18) have no life insurance or term life insurance protection.
  • The percentage of families with dependent children that admit they’ll have immediate trouble with everyday living expenses is 22 percent. Another 26 percent say that if a primary wage earner dies they’ll only be able to cover expenses for a few months.

The fact is that most people are underinsured to some degree when it comes to life insurance. Many times people don’t take into consideration changes that have a direct bearing on how much life insurance they need. For instance, the birth of a new child, a new home with a larger mortgage, the acquisition of more debt or other financial obligations all contribute to the need for life insurance.

The good news is there are a myriad of life insurance products available that are very competitively priced. For so many families, it is often not about paying the small premium to purchase life insurance or additional life insurance but about stepping back from the frenetic pace of life today to take some time to make it happen. At the Crichton Group, we will meet with you and do the work to present you with options to meet your needs with minimal interruption to your schedule. Please take a moment to call us today!