Voluntary Products

Voluntary Products

More and more, one of the keys to enhancing employee benefits programs centers around the issues of flexibility and choice. You can offer your employees a more broad and flexible employee benefits plan with voluntary products. Employees may pick and choose the coverages they want to meet their unique needs. The availability of affordable, well supported voluntary products increases the value of your company’s employee benefits program without increasing your business expenses. Here is a sample of the voluntary employee benefits products The Crichton group can include:

  •   Accident insurance
  •   Critical illness/cancer insurance
  •   Individual short term disability
  •   Medical support
  •   Interest-sensitive whole life
  •   Individual universal life
  •   10/10 yearly renewable term life

The voluntary products we offer are underwritten and supported by insurance organizations that are highly respected in the industry, financially sound and are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Please contact us to learn more about how we can enhance your employee benefits program with voluntary products.

Work Site Products

Work/Life balance is one of the top initiatives for both human resources professionals and employees. Americans work longer hours and take less vacation than many other industrialized societies. Yet research has shown that a heavy focus on work increases stress levels, along with the risk of depression, anxiety, and physical health issues. Additionally, it can lead to family and marital challenges. Employers recognize these issues lead to absenteeism, increased healthcare expenses, a less productive workforce, and possible workplace safety issues.

Progressive employers have addressed these issues with a variety of programs that help employees balance the needs of work and life, along with resources to help deal with mental and family challenges that arise. These programs consist of counseling services and resources that address the individual needs of employees. This set of services has been aggregated by number of EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) and Work/life providers, who provide a menu of counseling and support service. In contrast, some employers choose to use individual service providers to meet specific workplace needs, and control access and cost.

The Crichton Group offers work/life products and programs designed to help employees maintain the importance balance between their work life and their personal life. Examples of work/life products we can offer includes:

  • Child Care Referral Services
  • Elder Care Referral Services
  • Employee Assistance Services
  • Employee Crisis Counseling
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Employee Discount Programs

If your company is interested in enhancing the work/life balance of your employees, please contact The Crichton Group for more information.